A Bit More About Us

Here at 305 Sanitize we promote and redefine the concept of a healthy living space. Preventative Electrostatic disinfecting is the process of spraying electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces, objects, and common touch points in the office. This process gets disinfectant into hard-to-reach areas, nooks, and crannies where germs and viruses can hide. We service commercial and residential locations such as hotels, hospitals, daycare, senior care facilities, schools, athletic facilities and more. We offer all-natural sanitizing and deodorizing with our hypochlorous acid and a shield that protects the surface for an extended period of time. We are one of the only companies in South Florida that verifies the effectiveness of our sanitizing and disinfecting services at no additional cost. Book our outstanding services today and give us a call!

Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations for precautionary disinfecting services, and suspected/confirmed case disinfection protocols are continuously monitored and followed by 305 Sanitize.